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The 12-year veteran tied Pittsburgh's Ben Roethlisberger (2009) for second on the list for most yards passing against the Packers. Only Detroit's Matthew Stafford had more, 520 on Jan. 1, 2012.
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He believes he can get better, too.
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"You remember the injury and it's a tough injury. Just seeing me out there running around is a blessing," he said. "But for me to get back to the level I was at, that will be even more a blessing."
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His team, after all, is winning.
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"Contrary to the woman's allegations, Randle did not threaten her or brandish a gun at any time," said Ayers, who also said he planned to contact Wichita police with an offer to cooperate in the investigation.
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Jake Diesselhorst, Hensley's lawyer, said the pitcher spent the night at a hospital but did not sustain any neurological damage.
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Then, the Niners (1-4) lost it Sunday night to the New York Giants on Eli Manning's 12-yard touchdown pass to tight end Larry Donnell with 21 seconds left. That sent San Francisco to a fourth straight loss.
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